The Bolin Webb story began in the mountains of Switzerland. A quiet time to admire surroundings: Alpine views, clear skies, a comfortable stay in a mountain chalet. And within the tempo of raising a young family, a time also to reflect on the simple ways we spend our lives: the tools we use, the materials we see and hold, our day-to-day tasks.

For co-founder Derrick Webb, as for many, his day begins with shaving and grooming. Grooming, often a pedestrian routine, sees morning, day and week largely in repeat. This time should be spent carefully as well. Perhaps a rush. Perhaps not. But why compromise?

We should be aware of what we use, able to enjoy the experience, and expect good performance and the right result.

Derrick did not care to compromise. He saw the possibility of applying design style to grooming in a razor used regularly, and certainly on display in the bathroom. Here was an opportunity to bring together blade performance, ergonomic and hygienic handling, and not least aesthetics, in one razor: a razor that became the award-winning R1 from Bolin Webb.