Premium Designer Razors. The Prestige Range from Bolin Webb is a luxury selection of innovative premium material designer razors, the first of their kind, created to bring appealing and functional design to the world of mens grooming. The X1 Carbon has a carbon fibre top panel made by Reverie - Britain’s leading supplier of fibre components to the world-class UK luxury motor-sports car industry including Lotus Sport. The R1 Gold has been 24 carat-plated to add an exclusive finish to a distinctive shaving experience. The R1 Chrome is finished in smoked chrome providing a striking and masculine application. The latest addition, is the R1 Gold and Gold Stand, a limited edition complete set finished in 24 carat-gold.  The Collection is a supreme combination of premium materials and award-winning design. All our razors are fitted with a Gillette blade for a performance shave and are made in England. The Prestige Range has been featured in a number of well-known online magazines including Fashionbeans, The Essential Journal and Ape to Gentleman. In November 2017, the R1 Gold was included in the Electibles Mens Christmas Gift Guide released annually by Financial Times luxury lifestyle Magazine How to spend it. Visit our Journal here to learn more about the Prestige Range.