Fashionbeans features Prestige

The last time we saw a Bolin Webb razor mentioned on, the uber trendy Mens Fashion & Style Guide was December 2016. This month we were featured again, this time it was the R1 Gold, part of the Prestige Collection, that took centre stage as one of May’s Best New Grooming Products. Placed alongside other British brands such as Penhaligons and Jo Malone, you can see the full feature on their website by visiting here.

About the Prestige Collection 

The new Prestige Collection is a selection of three luxury razors made of premium materials, created to bring appealing and functional design into the world of men’s shaving. The The X1 Carbon, the R1 Gold and the R1 Chrome start from £200 and come beautifully presented in their own carefully designed wooden box, the perfect luxury gift.