Brand Britain

Brand Britain

Britain has a reputation for innovation and distinctiveness that brings something new and refreshing to our busy world. Think The Beatles, James Bond 007, the Aston Martin. All are people or products we instantly recognise – world famous names that combined make up what some call “Brand Britain”.

And in a small corner of British design, we are building our own reputation for stand-out products – this time for shaving and grooming for men: razors that sell worldwide from San Francisco to Tokyo, and of course, London as well.

An award-winning innovator that brings new thinking to product design, taking shaving out of the shadows into a place to be enjoyed and appreciated. Since inception, we have won multiple competitive brand and design accolades. We believe design is indeed as much about performance as it is appearance.

Sure, these razors look great on the bathroom shelf, but they are no ornament. A Bolin Webb razor is built for handling and hygiene, as well as for good looks. And the Gillette blades fitted to these sturdy handles ensure the man gets the good shave he wants.

Bolin Webb razors were originally inspired by the shape and colour of top-end sports cars, from the 1960s AC Cobra for its striking front wing to the detail of a modern-day super car. Finding a form that works in terms of the balance, curve and the “energy” it projects, is the hallmark of a Bolin Webb razor.

You can buy, or better give, a single razor chosen from a range of carefully-selected and automotive-inspired colours.  More enticing still, is when the razor of your choice is combined with either its unique stand or a tactile silicone travel case.  Both remarkable accessories have won their own design awards.

Bolin Webb aims to create beautiful, innovative and aspirational grooming products that turn every day shaving experiences into exceptional ones. A distinctive result that adds a little more to Brand Britain.

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