Frequently Asked Questions

Your Bolin Webb Razor

Where are the handles made?

The handles are designed and made in England.

What is special about a Bolin Webb razor?

Our razors are designed for excellent handling performance as well as for its look-and-feel. The razors are sleek and hygienic, and allow good shaving control through the handle’s elliptical design and elastomer grip.

What is the difference between the R1 and R1-S?

The difference is the colour and inspiration. The original R1 came as Alpine (white), Argent (silver), Jet (black) and Graphite.

The R1-S is a colourful addition to the R1 Collection. The energetic range, based on legendary cars and their iconic colour range, includes Monza Red, Ferrara Yellow, Blue 3000 and Signal Orange.

What are the handles made of?

The top bonnet is a metal casting that is hand-painted and lacquered in Birmingham, with a premium automotive finish in a range of carefully selected colours.

What blades are used for the R1/R1-S Collection?

The R1 and R1-S range are fitted with Gillette’s Mach3 blades, available in all major chemists and supermarkets, as well as online here. The razors do not take Fusion blades, or any other blades than Mach3.

What blades are used for the X1 Collection?

The razors are fitted with Gillette’s Fusion blades, available in all major chemists and supermarkets, as well as online at here. The razors do not take Mach3, or any other blades than Fusion.

Your Bolin Webb Accessories

What is the Razor case made of?

The razor case is made of silicone, it is a unique and practical way to protect your R1 and X1 razors, and is easily cleaned.

What are the stands made of?

Both stands have a zinc upper and a silicon base. The X1 Stands have innovative magnetic technology.

What colour do the stands come in?

The award-winning magnetic X1 stand is available in black or silver. The R1 stand is available in black.

What materials were used to make the Wash Bag?

The wash bag has a water-proofed leather upper and base, nylon sidewall weave and neoprene lining enhance. It has a black synthetic zip, two-tone handle, inside are net pockets and washable mat.

Caring for your razor

Which razor should I choose?

The R1 razor is fitted with a 3-blade Gillette Mach3 cartridge and the X1 razor is fitted with a 5-blade Gillette Fusion ProGlide cartridge. The 3-blade cartridge is more suitable for sensitive skin, while the 5-blade cartridge gives a closer shave. If you already use a Gillette blade, then the choice is comparatively easy. Younger shavers often choose the X1 razor as this has the most modern blade.

How often should I change my blade?

The frequency with which you should change your blade depends very much on you as an individual shaver. Everybody will have different shaving behaviour from the amount you shave, the thickness of your facial hair, skin sensitivity, the skincare products you use and so on. Please also follow recommendations from Gillette.

Where can I find replacement blades?

Replacement blades can be found in all major supermarkets and pharmacies around the world, as well as online here. The R1 can take any Gillette Mach3 cartridge model and the X1 can take any Gillette Fusion cartridge model (ProGlide or other).

Which skincare products should I use with Bolin Webb razors?

Any shaving cream, foam or gel can be used with Bolin Webb razors. The choice of skincare product will depend on the shaver’s personal preference.

How do I keep my razor clean?

Razors, stands and travel case can all be washed with soap or detergent in warm water using a nail brush or washing up brush.

In need of some help?

How do I contact Bolin webb Customer Service?

If you have any questions, you can contact us Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm (GMT) on +44 (0)1572 868 005 or email us on Email us on

What is your refund policy?

Bolin Webb will refund or replace all un-used purchases within 14 days of the date of purchase.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Our razors are designed to give an enjoyable, reliable and excellent experience every time you wet-shave. To give you that extra assurance, we wish to provide you with a 2-year guarantee with every razor you purchase. To register your guarantee, please visit the Guarantee Page to sign up.

Which countries do you deliver to?

We deliver worldwide. The delivery time will vary according to where you live. You can learn more by visiting here.