New Plastic-Free Packaging

Whilst we have always been considerate of our packaging, there is always room for improvement. Always wishing to achieve enhancement through great design, the team at Bolin Webb recently undertook an exercise to see how our delivery packaging could be improved.

Good packaging must do one thing, to get an order to your door in the same condition as when it was despatched – great packaging should do that very same but with consideration of the emotion it brings and how it impacts on our environment once its job is done.

With 22m tonnes of waste being collected each year in the UK it was important to us that we do our small part in reducing this.

So in April 2019 we said goodbye to our old delivery packaging and hello to our new 100% recyclable, FSC accredited boxes. These new outer boxes are ethically sourced but also offer a more durable construction – helping to ensure that your products arrive safe and sound.

Plastic Free Packaging

Within the box we wanted to get rid of the need for plastic bubble-wrap, to do this we took two approaches. First we sourced boxes to more accurately fit the products they contained, then we sourced a fully recyclable and biodegradable paper padding to both protect the product but also to offer that sense of excitement as you unwrap your new razor.

Well conceived design can be highly emotive – it’s important to our team that when your order arrives at your door, that it brings excitement and joy – yes it is a simple brown box, but as you unwrap the layers to find your product within, we hope that that you find the care taken to deliver your product meets the same high standards of care which, from their conception, every Bolin Webb product has been subject to.