R1-S Monza Red Razor Set
Bolin Webb R1-S Monza Red and Stand
R1-S Monza Red Razor on Stand
R1-S Monza Red Razor on Stand
Bolin Webb R1-S Monza Red Luxury Razor
R1-S Razor - Monza Red
R1 Razor Stand

R1-S Mach3 Razor & Stand – Monza Red


Combine Bolin Webb’s R1-S Monza Red razor and R1 Gravity Stand as one iconic gift set. The R1-S range combines the design elegance of the original R1 razor and applies this distinctive racing colour for a striking and vibrant look. A distinctive and performance wet shave. Made in the UK and compatible with Gillette’s Mach3 blade.

Free Delivery within the UK. Each gift set is presented in a beautiful gift box with one blade cartridge. Each razor comes with a 2-year guarantee. Add Gillette Mach3 Blade refills to your order by visiting here.

British made
Gillette Mach3 Blade
2 year guarantee

Product Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    I received my R1-S as a Christmas present andI have been delighted with it. The design is stunning and like all great designs is based on functionality. The combination of the R1-S with the Gillette Mach 3 blade is superb, it is perfectly balanced and gives a great shave. A great piece of kit!

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