Time to Travel

As we chose from our belongings, getting ready for summer travel, consider the award-winning razor case from Bolin Webb – a tactile and effective pocket protecting both your razor and wash bag from blade damage. A Bolin Webb razor and its silicone companion stand out as a smart solution as you prepare journey.
The travel case was conceived by Bolin Webb founder Derrick Webb. When working with designers, he recalled the rubber shoes he wore as he clambered as a child over the rocky pools of Les Issambres on the south coast of France: sandals made of a material best suited for durability and protection in a salty sea.
So pick up the case. Examine the detail. Place your Bolin Webb razor inside its sheath. It is clear to see why Bolin Webb won Europe’s most prestigious Red Dot “Best-of-the-best” product design award for this innovative and unique travel solution.

Managing a small brand, Derrick did not set out to win a design award for the case. Bolin Webb does not have the sort of budget that enables the likes of Apple, Ferrari, and other heroes of the design world to scoop up the accolades that recognise outstanding product innovation. But Bolin Webb somehow pulls it off, bringing distinctive and desirable razors and accessories that get attention in the competitive world of global design.  A British brand that punches above its weight and shares the stage with other – bigger – players bringing new products to all walks of life.


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