The R1 Collection

The pioneering collection of R1 and R1-S razors from Bolin Webb. These iconic wet shave razors combine design excellence and performance shaving with the Gillette Mach3 blade. Bolin Webb proves that innovation and contemporary craftsmanship make the difference. Always distinctive. Always elegant. Alway impeccably made.

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The X1 Collection

The award-winning X1 razor raises the bar of innovative grooming design. Distinctive handle ergonomics and Gillette’s Fusion blade combine to give the ultimate wet shave performance.  The exclusive X1 razor, engineered and built in England, adds a contemporary personality to a precision shave. Design that excites. Design that surprises.

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The Prestige Razor Collection - Coming Friday

Bolin Webb raises the bar for performance grooming with the launch of its select Prestige razor collection - coming Friday.
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Snowboarding Championships

Starting today on the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain - The World Snowboarding Championships.
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Our Story

Let’s be different. Let’s be inspired. Give the man a razor he can admire and enjoy - something to bring a smile as well as a close shave to his face.
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