Our Story

Our Story

A vision for Bolin Webb…

Our original idea was to bring excellent product design to the world of shaving. There is no reason why men should be condemned to using inferior or dull razors – a tool they will pick up, use and put down regularly over the many years of the beard growth they endure.

So let’s be different. Let’s be inspired. Give the man a razor he can admire and enjoy – something to bring a smile as well as a close shave to his face. Bolin Webb looked into the world of design, and applied design thinking to conceive and develop its range of award-winning razors.

Our vision is to bring properly conceived grooming products to men. We think carefully about what we do, and are proud of the result. We aspire to leave a modest but distinctive legacy in the important world of how men look after themselves in the modern age. The story doesn’t end here.

Be different. Enjoy the shave.

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