X1 Carbon Razor and Stand
Carbon Fibre X1 on pebble with box
Carbon Fibre X1
Carbon X1 in box

X1 Carbon & Stand


The Prestige X1 Carbon Razor and Stand

Move into the material fast lane with X1 Carbon Razor and Stand. Carbon fibre is a state-of-the-art fabric used by the leading supercar marques of the world.  The unique fibre panel capping Bolin Webb’s X1 razor is made in England with precision tooling, and hand crafted for a perfect fit and finish.

The X1 Carbon top panel is made by Reverie – Britain’s leading supplier of fibre components to the world-class UK motor-sports industry. The panel is hand laid, cut, cured and carefully trimmed to size. The panel is hand sprayed with five layers of acrylic clear coat for long lasting quality. The X1 has a Gillette Fusion blade.

The prestige collection comes beautifully presented in a black-lacquered box, these sets include the razor of choice with one blade cartridge together with Bolin Webb’s distinctive stand.

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British made
Gillette Fusion Blade
5 Year Guarantee
5 year guarantee