Luxury Mach3 Razor. Bolin Webb’s innovative and award-winning R1 razor demonstrates that shaving performance and elegance combine naturally into one luxurious experience. The design of original R1 razor, released in four classic tones, was inspired by the distinctive front wing of the 1960s AC Cobra, its shape and movement. By contrast the colours chosen for the R1-S, the 'S' relating to the sports element, were influenced by legendary sports cars and their iconic colour range including the British made Austin Healey Blue 3000 and the Ferrara Yellow which refers to the home of the Lamborghini marque. Despite the difference in colours, both the R1 and R1-S share the same balanced and tactile handle with its unique curve and distinctive shape. Fresh yet true to the tradition of wet shaving. Fitted with a Gillette Mach3 blade and made in England. Compatible with the Bolin Webb gravity razor stand and razor travel case, winner of the Red Dot 2017 Best-of-the-best award. Also available as razor gift sets. The R1-S Monza Red and R1 Jack sets were featured on Fashion & Menswear Blog Grey Fox Blog